This talk will take place on December 8th 2023 18:00 CET and will be held by Pim van Pelt (@IPngNetworks).

In this talk, Pim will present the network design of AS8298 - starting with a BGP Free MPLS core that provides Layer2 Services, complemented with a purely software-based Vector Packet Processing dataplane and Bird based controlplane stack to carry full BGP, and a private IPv4 and IPv6 network called IPng Site Local, which is not directly connected to the Internet, upon which Pim runs IPng’s services across Europe.

About the speaker

Pim van Pelt is known for SixXS, a global IPv6 tunnelbroker which ran from 2001-2017. In this journey, he found that IPv4/IPv6 routing at scale (many interfaces, many prefixes or many packets/sec) was better handled in user space rather than the kernel (both for FreeBSD and Linux). Today, Pim operates IPng Networks, a small ISP in Switzerland, using AMD64 based routers running VPP, which will give silicon-based routers a run for their money.


The recording of this talk will be available on YouTube as well as on later.